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Sea & Sky

I am in awe of God’s whole creation and in love with the great outdoors, where I find peace for my soul and inspiration for my art.  The scenes I paint are based on experiences I’ve had exploring on foot, bike, and skis.  I use palette knives to build texture, giving a realistic feel to the natural elements. I add metal foil accents to reflect the light and I apply acrylic paint in an impasto technique to create movement in the sky. The result of combining these realistic and whimsical components is a finished piece that represents what I feel while I’m out exploring:  Uplifted, Tranquil, Wonder, and Love

Where sea and sky meet provides the horizon of God’s infinite love.  Sun beams puncture the clouds and touch the ground with their golden light. Metallic foils dance on the waves of my paintings, tracing the gaze of afternoon rays. I can hear the hush of the water and soft sprays tickling my cheeks. I can hear the low rumble of clouds about to cry. But my favorite is when the sky is absent of sound, serene, and confident moving at its own pace. These natural scenes restore our inner peace which is often lost.


Commissioned Works

Custom works of art have this unique ability, a timeless power of bringing people together. These paintings illustrate our most treasured memories and deepest emotions. The creative process of capturing a moment in time for my community brings me the highest form of joy. Commissioned paintings make the most unforgettable and one of a kind gifts. It’s my dream that these works become family heirlooms as storyboards of tales of the past, persisting from one generation to the next. 

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