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Trisha grew up in Wisconsin, spending time on the Outer Banks of North Carolina each summer.  She spent as much time as she could exploring the woods, playing in the surf, or drawing in her sketchbook while daydreaming about someday becoming a “real” artist. Her parents supported her dream, sending her to art camps and driving her to the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design on weekends for extra classes. She discovered she loved to paint murals, and has painted many murals for day care centers, nurseries, and children’s bedrooms in the past 20 years. Somewhere in between work and becoming a full-time mom, her dream of becoming a full-time artist was set aside. In 2018 she was hired to paint the largest mural she had ever done. The project took several months and when it was complete, her dream of becoming a full-time artist was awakened.  Her favorite things haven’t changed all that much from when she was that daydreaming little girl. These days, you can find her hiking or skiing in the woods, enjoying a beach somewhere with her husband, playing outside with her kids and dogs, or painting in her studio at home. She feels blessed to have a family that supports her today, just as her parents did when she was growing up…dreaming of being a “real” artist.

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